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Albayan Albayan

About Us

Our Company

We pride ourselves of producing quality, Qatari-manufactured LED lighting products, covering a range of industrial, commercial, municipal, and household uses where low energy consumption, environmental friendliness, colour diversity and lighting control systems

Our Factory

Our Mission

To create unique LED lighting products that add an appreciable value to the lives of our customers and ensuring that the quality meets the necessary climate of the Middle East.

Our Vision

Based on QNV2030 for the diversification of the economy and enable the national sector to play an essential role in achieving sustainable development, we present innovative turnkey solutions to help our clients realize a “sustainable healthcare environment” and “energy-efficient”.

Our Services

Our innovation is based on the continuous renewal of products and processes, creative lighting solutions for the customer and the broad potential of LED lighting technology. Innovations determine our business success and provide answers to many challenges of our time. In LED lighting technology, we are constantly seeking further solutions that save resources and protect our natural foundations of life at the same time. It is always our goal to make the everyday life of the individual and social life easier, safer and more comfortable and to contribute to a better world for present and future generations.

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Team Work

Team Work

Saeed Abdul Azeez Al-Ali

General Manager

Ahmed Elbahrawy

Factory Manager

Osama Mohamed

Quality manager

Mahmoud Elbahrawy

Sales Manager